Hello! My name is Laurie, and I'm pleased to meet you.
  1. I probably should replace the profile pic that I have now with an actual photo of me, but the drunk octopus makes me grin every time I see it, so I hope your forgive me for not showing myself.
  2. I enjoy writing super long sentences.
  3. I am a born and raised original Valley Girl, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  4. At five, I wrote my first story and knew I wanted to forever work with words ...
  5. ... I went into advertising ...
  6. ... then I joined the fourth estate.
  7. A magazine came next, and by the time I was done, I'd written and edited my way through every sort of print media.
  8. My husband said, "Why don't you retire?" and so I did.
  9. I spend time with my husband and daughters, my grandkids, and my giant cat, Milton.
  10. I write, I read, I watch TV. I grow Lima beans in our veg garden, listen to a lot of music, cook, bake, and experiment with homemade ice cream. I window shop for antiques on line and hang out with my friends.
  11. I used to do a lot of walking, but an old "surfing" injury to my knee and a recently broken foot has sidelined this activity.
  12. I manage my anxiety problems fairly well.
  13. And I know how very, very fortunate I am. Every. Single. Day.
  14. Thanks for taking a moment to meet me.
  15. Me, a long time ago.
  16. Me, now (so I can keep the drunk octopus photo up for a while).