If you've done the recent iOS 10.0.2 update, have you noticed a problem with your keyboard when using Safari?
  1. When you click to the numbers/punctuation keyboard, use a comma, apostrophe, semicolon, quote mark, etc., the keyboard no longer automatically switches back to the letters.
    It works properly here, with messages, and in all my apps ... just not in Safari, and it's driving me mad.
  2. I called Apple and set up a phone appointment.
    First order of business: a full reset of my phone. Oh hell. My iMac backup saved me from resetting all of my custom settings, but all of my emojis that I had JUST changed from yellow, had to be redone. Yeah, modern problems, I know.
  3. After the reset failed to fix, I was connected with an expert.
    Who, after he couldn't fix the problem but saw it on his own phone, got angry and said, "It's not broken, it just doesn't do that anymore."
  4. Them's fighting words.
    Let me get this straight. You see no problem with your keyboard working as it should everywhere but your own company's browser?
  5. He suggested I get the Google app and go through that.
    So ... the only way to get your keyboard to work properly in your browser is to go through another company's browser app?
  6. That's when he got upset at me again. And told me it would be fixed if enough people complained about it.
    That's when I got upset at him again. So, even though it's an error, the problem won't be addressed unless a lot of people take the time to email, call, or post about the issue, is that what you're saying, Lionel? (His name was Lionel)
  7. Answer: Yes
    But he said he would share my issue with the engineers. I hope you do, Lionel, I hope you do.
  8. If you've noticed this keyboard problem on your iPhone, can you help a girl out and let Apple know, please?
    And thanks. ❤️
  9. This looks like the best place to submit a comment: http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html
    Thanks, @Heartsounds, I knew I should have added this.