How are you? How was your summer? I've been pretty good this year. I did back over and break the sprinkler head at the edge of the driveway, but I helped to fix it. And I took the cat to the vet while my husband golfed. Here are a few things I like, in case you need some ideas.
  1. I like candy. A lot.
    Especially if it's something that is a traditional favorite in your part of the world.
  2. I love words.
    A thirty year career as a writer and copy editor was never work. I'm mostly retired now, but if it uses words or talks about words, I'm in heaven.
  3. I am an incurable collector.
    T-shirts, shells, vintage advertising, books, music, movies, buttons and pins, jewelry-making beads, tea towels, and anything vintage unusual.
  4. When I travel, the one thing I insist on doing is visiting a grocery store or market. You can learn a lot about an area by what you see in the store.
    I always search the candy, cookie, and condiment aisle for anything different and regional.
  5. I love handmade items
    It's an honor to receive a handmade gift.
  6. All in all, I'd love anything you'd like to share—especially if it tells me about the area in which you live or about you.
  7. Thank you very much, Secret Santa! I'm super excited to participate ... it's fun to give and to receive.
    And thanks bunches to @DawnCloud for making this possible. 😘