Thanksgiving (U.S.) is tomorrow. I am planning a fairly traditional dinner, but there are always things to consider. For example:
  1. Fresh or frozen?
    The turkey, I mean.
  2. Cloth or paper?
  3. Whole or jellied?
    Cranberry sauce
  4. Light or dark?
    Turkey meat (or beer, now that I think about it)
  5. Sweet or dill?
    In a pickle over this one
  6. Still or sparkling?
    Water or wine ... however you choose to party.
  7. Early or late?
    Shall we eat at 4:00 or 7:00?
  8. Pumpkin or cherry?
    I don't like pie, but I like to think of others.
  9. There are no questions about the dressing—it goes in the bird, has lots of onions and celery, and includes minced yellow hot peppers for a delightful kick.
    A spoonful of salsa on top of dressing is super delicious, too.
  10. No question about the veg, either ...
    Fresh green beans, a little butter and salt. No sauce, no casserole dish; just fresh flavor. And they make the plate more festive.
  11. Giphy