How to crochet potholders that don't require much mental attention.
  1. My sister's "recipe" card ... complete with plastic sleeve (we are a meticulously tidy family).
  2. Static
  3. I use the 28 chain, size G (6, 4.25 mm) hook. As I've gotten better at crocheting, however, the potholders got smaller because my stitches were tighter, so now I go with 32 stitches.
    So, you make a chain.
  4. Then you start single crocheting round and round the chain, making a new stitch in each stitch of the chain.
    It will look like a little packet. Note: on your first three or four trips round the chain you can add two new stitches into one existing stitch at the ends so you aren't stretching the new stitch too far. Don't do more than one or two on each end—you packet will grow the wrong way!
  5. Eventually, you can fold the sides together so they meet and form a square.
    This is one in progress.
  6. Once the sides meet, make you loop. I use 13 stitches. NOTE: my son-in-law says to add the loop even if you don't intend to hang it.
    So you can twirl the potholder around on your finger.
  7. Secure the loop chain, cut the yarn with about a 12" tail, and crochet it through the opening to close it off.
  8. Static
    Regarding flipping to the inside, these two show each side of the stitches.
  9. Oh! Super important! Use only 100% cotton yarn. Polyester will melt on your hot pans!
    The brand we use.
  10. Hope this is helpful. I'm not positive that my instructions are all that helpful.
    Have fun!