You are lovely and amazing! How I didn't know you before now is a puzzle and a shame, but I'm making up for lost time, thanks to @Boogie and @amieshmamie for selecting Ashley as my Galentine's gal pal!
  1. You are a bright, creative, dedicated, and most interesting person …
    I know this because I’ve been catching up on your lists for days—and it’s been a super fun adventure!
  2. I read that you are currently going through some transitions in life and you have some anxieties about it. Making matters worse,
    you have in-laws who voted for Trump! Oh, the horror!
  3. From reading about you, Ashley, I can say with confidence that you are able to weather any storm.
  4. Why do I know this?
    Ashley has moments of zen. Just look at this pretty picture she took. It’s gorgeous!
  5. She goes to church with her family, and has mad skills when it comes to wrangling two young kids.
  6. Her kids are adorable (and don’t look like they need many mean whispers … another church skill she has mastered).
    Photo of Ashley's kids while on a trip to Canada. They're adorable, right?!(Aren't the falls amazing, Ashley? We just visited last year; a dream come true for me!)
  7. Here’s proof that her kids are darlings, and that somebody know how to get into the Halloween spirit!
    See more great costumes here: HALLOWEEN COSTUMES
  8. Ashley and her family like to hike (brave girl with two little ones! More awesomeness from my Galentine!).
    They loaded up backpacks and kids, drove for 45 minutes to just the right New Hampshire hiking spot. Unloaded backpacks and kids … wait! They took their dogs, too?! Oh, no. I think it’s other people’s dogs … off leash! And there are bugs. Oh, just check out her list! HIKING IN NEW HAMPSHIRE The photos of nature and family are beautiful.
  9. Did I mention she is a graphic designer?
    See why her design background helps her as a mom here: Ways my design background has come in handy as a mom
  10. So, to Ashley, and anyone who sees this, just know that @ashleyanwiler is a super cool person who writes terrific lists, has a lovely family, and can definitely handle anything that comes her way! Here are a few more reasons why:
    She likes bleu cheese on pizza (I MUST try that immediately!), her significant other may be ordering Hipster beard oil called Grave Before Shave, she’s not into random hugging (I feel you, girl. Actually, I don’t … I’m the same way. Whatever happened to hearty handshakes?), tiny boxes of raisins annoy her, and she can make a shepherd’s pie from scratch WHILE attending to her kids AND all those pesky household chores that come with having little little kids and making shepherd's pie from scratch.
  11. She also worked at JoAnn Fabric, which means: Dealing. With. The. Public! (props), she reads a lot, she’s a runner (props, again), she loves movies and TV, and she posted this GIF (the coolest ever!)
    Is that GIF cool, or what?!
  12. And I do believe she also likes beer.
  13. Happy Galentine’s Day, Ashley, I’m so glad to know you, and I wish you the best of everything today and always!
    Thanks again to @Boogie and @amieshamie for making this day extra, extra special! I’m so happy to have found, for here is my tribe.
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