Involving an Irish Wolfhound, the AKC, and the Maltese Falcon
  1. I was realizing my dream of getting an Irish Wolfhound puppy that I knew I wanted to name Dash.
    This is not my beloved dog, but he looked just like this.
  2. Since he was to be AKC registered, he needed a fancier name than Dash.
  3. I love detective fiction and the breeder was using vaguely Turkish/Middle Eastern names for the rest of the litter.
  4. Between the two of us, we came up with Dash El Amet.
    Get it? Dashiell Hammett.😊
  5. At the same time, AOL was just going on line, and I needed a nickname.
  6. Dashelamet it was, and it has remained so since about 1989.
  7. Thanks, @angela3950, for the request. It's a story I enjoy telling. I loved that dog. ❤️