Or at least how THIS kid knew.
  1. Your mom finally said the pool water was warm enough to get in.
    Late May or early June, after checking the temperature twice daily since Easter.
  2. Having your dad drive home from work and seeing you sitting on the curb with your best friend, eating a root beer Popsicle that you broke in half to share ...
    And not getting yelled at for eating it before dinner.
  3. Eating only fresh strawberries or sweet corn for dinner.
    Yep, we did this at least once every year when the strawberry or sweet corn stands popped up in the San Fernando Valley.
  4. Picking apricots off the trees in our sunny backyard and eating them warm.
    Or, we'd throw a bunch in the pool, and they'd bob around until somebody grabbed one to eat (over the side, of course).
  5. Our dad lighting the tiki torches around the pool when it got dark.
    That intoxicating smell of the oil burning! Getting to put the little metal cap over the wick to extinguish the flame!
  6. KTLA showing the same Beach Party movie for a week every day at three.
    Frankie and Annette forever!
  7. Hose water
    I can taste it now.