Inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. Do research
    I love finding answers ... the tougher the better.
  2. Collect things
    Seashells, vintage lusterware, vintage jewelry, old bottles (that you dig out of the ground yourself!), antique keys, old books, antique makeup compacts, fruit crate labels, typewriter ribbon tins, antique toys ... you get the idea.
  3. Garden
    Veg, flowers, and succulent
  4. Watch TV and movies
  5. Read
  6. Listen to music
  7. Be in my backyard and watch all the birds.
  8. Bake and cook
  9. Fix things
    Plumbing, carpentry, clothes, and resolving office/neighbor problems are my specialties.
  10. Write and copy edit
    My thirty year career is over, but I still do a little for fun and a little cash.
  11. Hang out with my daughters, step-daughter, sons-in-law, grandchildren, husband, and Milton the cat.
  12. Do puzzles
    Word and jigsaw
  13. Do craft projects
    Bead jewelry, crochet, and coloring.
  14. Make lists
  15. Worry and fret
  16. Go to aqua aerobics and swim
  17. Be at the beach
    Swim, snorkel, boogie board, hunt for shells, and build sand castles.
  18. Do the right thing
    Volunteer, protest, work at a polling place.
  19. See live music