I'M SO OLD ...

Inspired by @BrentMWiggins
  1. I remember our black and white TV that had a very crude remote
    One button that made a loud click to change the channel. I had a stick pony with a bell on it—every time I rode by, I'd change the channel. Made my sisters SO mad. 😇
  2. I could be outside playing from dawn to dusk and no one called the police to report me missing
  3. I had a skate key ... and I knew how to use it
    I still have it (see photo).
  4. The potato chip aisle only had two choices:
    Regular and barbeque. (Full disclosure: there were more kinds of chips and flavors: Fritos and ruffled dip chips, but two is funnier than four. 😊) Bell Brand chips always had one bell-shaped chip in each bag—it was SO cool!
  5. Gas stations gave you gifts for filling up
    Gas wars were a common occurrence at competing corner stations—the prices kept going lower and lower!
  6. Banks gave you gifts for opening up ...
    ... a checking or savings account. You often received a toaster.
  7. Pacific Ocean Park existed
    My sister went to POP with her high school friends (she is twelve years older than me). I asked to go, but she said I was too young. 🙁
  8. Drive-in movie theatres were everywhere
    I went with my family often. I especially remember seeing Flower Drum Song, Gypsy, the Music Man, and Bye Bye Birdie. My sister—who declined to take me to POP—took a friend and me and my middle sister to see HELP!
  9. I was on AOL very early
    It seemed as though you knew everyone on line.