Inspired by @kblaise If she is doing it, so will I.😊
  1. A word
  2. Something I don't like
    Milton's new obsession (and "screw you" statement): hopping into my strawberry planter. Each time I take him out, he turns around and hops back in. (He barely fits.) It's a battle of wills from this point on.
  3. Something old
    These dudes. 😂 My husband (in orange) and his golf team buddies. They didn't make the playoffs this year (injuries ... they always play hurt, but there were a few hernia surgeries and a knee replacement this year.), but they put forth a valiant effort. 🏌🏽🏌🏽🏌🏽
  4. Patriotic
    Our neighborhood goes ALL OUT to celebrate Independence Day. We try to do our part.
  5. Front Door
    Watching the world go by
  6. Love is ...
    These two
  7. Quiet
    My grandson (he's six) recording his observations/questions about the Buddhist temple he visited.
  8. Upside Down
    Milton the Cat as a baby.
  9. Feet
    Plus 1-1/2 inches.
  10. Key [board]
    I am seriously bored with these suggestions. The one I did in May seemed more open to interpretation and expression.
  11. Fruit
  12. Close Up
    I have this super Eloise poster I wrangled from a bookstore. I rawther adore it!
  13. Looking Down
    This is my brother-in-law with the Giant Costco Bears. I know about six people who took their pictures with the Costco Bears. I wanted to get a lot of people to take photos and start a #Costcobears 😊
  14. Shadow
    I've posted this photo before, but it's a super shadow.
  15. STORK!
    A stork was hanging around our house late this afternoon. He flew from roof to roof and paced back and forth. Milton the Cat did a serious double take when he saw this massive bird. It was hilarious!
  16. Rock
  17. You
  18. Two
  19. Entertainment
  20. Alone
  21. Nails
  22. Jump
  23. In the Mirror
  24. Out my Window
  25. Transportation
  26. A is for ...
  27. Pink
  28. Drink
  29. Temperature
  30. Corner
  31. Memories