1. An avid collector of labels for many years, I now have a few hundred of them. These are a few I have framed and hanging in the house.
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    Sorry about the glare ... our house has a lot of windows. Look in the lower left and you'll see Milton the Cat's silhouette; he was curious what I was doing.
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    The majority of my labels are from California, a lot are from Oregon and Washington, but I also like the veg labels from Arizona; there is an entire series of pinup girls!
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  13. My first label!
    @angela3950, I bought it near the Circle in Orange! Like I do with many of my labels, I have never seen another one like this one.
    I forgot about this one, it's pretty!
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    The only label I ever bought that was damaged (righthand side tears); that's how much I loved it.
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    Broom box label
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    I love Mt. Lassen, and I love this label
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    A nice lady in a Monterey antiques store gave me these unused can labels and many more.
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    Look at all that white space! One of my favorites
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    So weird, but produce buyers would remember this distributor ... which was the point of these fanciful labels.
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    Notice how the top of the label is narrower than the bottom? Asparagus boxes had this odd shape.
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    Many labels used drawings, or later, photos of business owners' children.
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    To the best of my knowledge, this is not based on me, but I looked quite a bit like this little girl.
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    Isn't she beautiful?
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    Love the simplicity of this one
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    Love, love!
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    Look at the trees!
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    Fancy! Has gold metallic ink.
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    This company needs a self-esteem boost.
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    Screenshot of my photos showing more labels—it's hard to choose ones I want to post, so here's a bunch.
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    Stay gold, Ponyboy.
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    Many labels use humorous images to sell their wares.
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  61. Last one ... I have lots more labels, but you've probably seen enough.
    I hope you enjoyed them. It's a fun hobby, and searching through the bins in antiques stores is just like searching for vinyl albums in a used record store!😉
  62. I bought this ad because I had a dog named Dash. Can you imagine being eight and winning a pony‽
  63. Some autographed photos were also in the boxes. I'll leave you with Cagney and Lacey.😊
  64. @angela3950, here are two labels we share and the two reference books I use.
    I've tried and tried to turn the McClelland-Last book photo around without success; I gave up. (See you soon!)