I'm attending the Fullerton, California, March for Science event on April 22, and I need a good sign. However, I'm a little stuck. Got any ideas? Here's what I've come up with so far—would one of these work? Thanks!
  1. Without Mother Earth, we are all orphans. Support scientific research.
  2. You can't have an opinion about facts. Support scientific research.
  3. Science doesn't care what you believe.
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  7. My favorite from the protest I went to last week...
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  8. Data is non-partisan
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  9. I finally came up with an idea for my sign! It came to me while wandering aimlessly through Michael's with a very blank poster board.
    The first photo is my dad, who worked on the first nuclear-powered submarine, the Nautilus. Later, he was on the team that invented the laser at Hughes Research Lab in Malibu, California. Second photo is my daughter, @kblaise, examining the results from a microbiology project he worked on after retirement. Last photo is my grandson with his first microscope—he LOVES science!🔬🔭
  10. I had a small piece of foam board left over, so I made this little one for anyone at the march who needs a sign.
  11. I went with a classic lorax quote!
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  13. March for Science Fullerton, California
  14. Denver had T-Rex too!
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