Inspired by @zoerebecca and many others.
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    From National Lampoon's Animal House:
    Katy, Boon's beleaguered girlfriend. She enjoys hanging with the boys but is getting tired of Boon's childishness. She'd like him to grow up just a little ... like her professor. 😉
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    From the Flintstones:
    Betty Rubble. I don't share all of Betty's attributes—I'm not a follower—but her general personality as a positive and kind person who is always up for some fun sums me up fairly well. And she became a reporter when son Bamm Bamm was a teenager, so we share a career as well.
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    From Valley Girl:
    I am Julie, fer shur. Except for the blond, short hair, this was, like, totally me as a teenager. I did live in the Valley, I would have fallen for a bitchin' guy from "Hollyweird." I would have felt the sting of peer pressure but ultimately gone my own way. I had a guy do crazy things to win me back (it worked), and I would have—I did—date a Tommy. I loved going to the mall with my friends ... but no overspending with my parents' money; that would have been totally wrong.