A partial list .. there is so much more.
  1. I worked for a home theatre magazine called Widescreen Review in the '90s through early aughts.
    I was the story and special features editor, which entailed writing a synopsis/review of every DVD released in widescreen format. We were there with DVDs from the beginning (I reviewed before Entertainment Weekly; I'm proud of that.), reviewing laserdiscs prior. Three people reviewed each movie, TV show, or concert: one on the picture quality, one on the sound, and me on the story and special features.
  2. Friends joked my job consisted of watching movies and going to the occasional trade show.
    Uh, thanks. While this is true, it was much more complicated than that. With special editions, we'd all go home for dinner, and come back in our pajamas to work into the night.
  3. Since our advertisers were movie studios and high-end home theatre equipment, we attended a wide variety of trade shows.
    CES (Consumer Electronics Show), VSDA (Video Software Dealers Association), ShoWest (now CinemaCon), NAB (National Association of Broadcasters, and more. We did not attend, but AVN—the adult video trade show was often next door to VSDA, so we were allowed access (yes, I did ... wouldn't you?).
  4. I got a lot of cool stuff at these trade shows, and in the mail accompanying DVDs for review.
    I have so much, so I've included just what I could get my hands on easily. There are lots of photos, autographs, and green screen polaroids taken at shows that put me behind Agent Mulder's desk and between Billy Idol and the Wedding Singer. (I also have a photo of me on the Jerry Springer set, with a full complement of guests—who clued me into some of the more outrageous Las Vegas haunts.
  5. Shelly Duvall's Bedtime Stories nightlight
    If you haven't seen these, please do so now.
  6. Miscellaneous buttons and key chains
    I think some of these are from a book show from a later job. The magnifying glass was our promotion ... for reading the tiny print in the DVD cases.
  7. Oops ... another book show
    I begged to have this after the show closed. 🙏🏻😬
  8. Miscellaneous key chains, buttons, and toys
    When the Teletubbies first made their debut. Big Lebowski bowling pin pen (I have two), and handcuffs from The Story of O. Note the identical set of handcuffs my husband brought home from his union, California Correctional Peace Officers' Association. I laughed out loud at the dual-purpose promotional piece.
  9. So, this wouldn't all fit in the picture ...
    Wooden 13-½" ruler for the movie, Wonderland. Called the John Holmes Big Boy Ruler. I have two, and one is my regular ruler I store in my desk. I like the extra length. (Wouldn't you?)
  10. When Pokémon first came to the U.S.
    I came home with about a dozen, but game many away (I wonder if these are worth anything?). They shot them out of a little cannon across the trade show floor. Most didn't know what they were yet.
  11. Here is how they came out of the cannon.
  12. My most-prized swag possession
    In a silver-plate frame.
  13. That's it for now.
    When I get into the other boxes, I can post some of my favorite photos ... and that cool Matrix flip book I can't seem to locate.
  14. One more for good measure. This did not come from a trade show, it was a promotion at an Angels' game. But it has a specific movie reference.
    Can you name the movie and the actress who carried this sweet blow-up stadium seat cushion? (You can separate the two wiener packs so your back can be comfy, too!)