Inspired by @jesszaffino
  1. This is Milton May
    I named him after MLB catcher Milt May, who played with the San Francisco Giants in the early eighties. I liked his style. Here are my Milton's nicknames:
  2. Milt
    Most regularly used.
  3. Milt the stilt
    He's tall.
  4. Monkey
    If you get up, he sits down.
  5. Monk
    Also, Big Monk and Lil' Monk (even though there is nothing little about him.)
  6. Crack Baby
    My daughter gave him this nickname when he was a kitten. He is a free spirit and likes to run through the house at top speeds. How can something this little end up so big?!
  7. The Little King
    After a Squeeze song, and because he rules the house.
  8. Baby Milton
    At almost eight years old, and weighing in at twenty pounds (all muscle and fur, not fat). No longer a baby, but he still looks so sweet.
  9. The Great Striped Hunter
    He only goes outside with us, but I've lost count of all the creatures he has maimed or killed. In the photo, he is searching for an elusive bird.
  10. Love
    Because sometimes he is.