The biggest challenge is finding their air times; they aren't the most talked-about sports.
  1. Equestrian
    Two athletes: horse and rider, compete in three events: dressage, cross country, and show jumping. Lovely, refined, and great snorty horse sounds make for both a relaxing and exciting show.
  2. Shooting and archery
    The concentration on the faces of the participants is so admirable, and you can see the results on the target in a split screen. Instant gratification. Viet Nam won their first gold medal ever in air pistol. Super cool to watch!
  3. Synchronized swimming
    This isn't easy, you know. It takes a lot of strength and precision, so stop laughing and enjoy the beauty of water ballet. Watch as the Russians vie for yet another gold.
  4. Rhythmic gymnastics
    Long, ribbons, hoops, and balls are the props of the rhythmic gymnast. It's both beautiful and thrilling. Long dominated by Eastern Europeans, watch for an American from Chicago to bring medals home for the USA. And then buy one of those long ribbons and go to town in your backyard!
  5. Fencing
    Besides exhibition baseball, the only event I got tickets for during the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. I have a soft spot for this genteel sport, one of the few that has appeared in every modern Olympic Games.
  6. Modern pentathlon
    Fencing, swimming, equestrian, shooting, and running all in one event! An individual competing in this event is an all-around sportsman ... in eighteenth century England, perhaps, but still.
  7. What do your favorite Olympic sports say about you?
    Someone should do some research on this, because my list looks pretty telling. Enjoy the games!