In my podcast, The Collection Obsession, I'll talk about the many different collections I've amassed since childhood, and offer observations on what makes a collector, the unusual things we collect, how to justify your passions (it's my kids' inheritance!), and the pros and cons of shopping on line.
  1. Bad Vibes: Assessing bad mojo in vintage and antique items.
    Sample story: For years I'd been searching for an Art Deco child's teapot shaped like an elephant. I saw it through the grimy window of an isolated junk shop while driving on the Oregon Coast Highway. Once inside, I held the 1930s lusterware in my hands, thrilled that it wasn't too expensive. Almost immediately, I put it down and left the store. Why? I could feel the negativity crawling across its surface. No thanks!
  2. The Thrill of the Hunt
    Tackling the tough subject of the near-depression collectors face after the high wears off from getting that elusive [art deco vase/slide puzzle/typewriter ribbon tin/fruit crate label/tin toy/Jantzen employee Diving Girl pin] piece you've been searching for. You know nothing can top it, so your collection comes to a close, and you feel aching emptiness until you find something new to obsess over finding. It's really all about the search, after all.
  3. Before You Cheat: Is searching for items on line betraying the time-honored practice of prowling dusty antiques malls and estate and yard sales?
    A soul-searching examination into the world of on line shopping. Includes a Q & A with longtime collectors who take a dim view of corner-cutting sites like eBay and Ruby Lane. Riveting!
  4. What I'd really like to do, however, is cohost with @pili_ervin when he discusses the Oxford comma, perfecting handwriting styles, and the Oxford comma.
    Do I have an opinion? Yes, I do.
  5. Thank you, @Boogie, for this fun topic! ❤️