Requested by @gd3
  1. Laurie was lonesome
    Her grandkids had left to go home to Oregon.
  2. She missed them
    The little boy was six. The little girl was three.
  3. They were funny and smart
    And fun. An added bonus when they visited was that Laurie could play and run and act like a little kid—and no one would think she was weird.
  4. Laurie hung her head in sadness
    And spied something in the grass.
  5. A crayon!
    A big, chunky orange crayon. Peeking out from under the blades of grass, its bright hue looked like a tiny flower calling out to a passing bee.
  6. She picked it up and took a deep sniff
    There's no better smell than that of a crayon.
  7. She touched it to the side of the garage
    And began to draw.
  8. She drew a staircase
    The fun, spiral kind.
  9. She ran up the stairs
    Round and round until she got to the top.
  10. Then she drew a room
    A second story on top of the garage, but funky and cool like a gingerbread treehouse.
  11. After drawing a doorknob on the door, she went inside
    And started drawing. Comfy couches, soft rugs, a fireplace, a table big enough for a jigsaw puzzle, board games, lamps with stained glass shades, a rope hammock, a bowl of ripe nectarines and cherries, oatmeal raisin cookies, a turntable, old rock and roll records, and a giant picture window that looked out toward the east.
  12. Plus:
    A little six-year-old boy and a little three-year-old girl. And Pippi Longstocking—because, a fourth for Chutes and Ladders....
  13. Then ...
    We danced and sang to records, we played games and ate nectarines and cherries, We lounged in the hammock and Pippi swung from the rafters. They warmed their hands near the fire Laurie had made in the fireplace—by melting the orange crayon. She didn't need to draw anything else.
  14. At 9:40 pm exactly, Laurie heard a boom
    She knew what it was, it happened at the same time. Every night.
  15. It was the reason she drew the picture window facing east
    The fireworks from Disneyland were starting. The gingerbread treehouse on top of the garage had a perfect view.
  16. The little six-year-old boy and the little three-year-old girl
    Watched the fireworks with the lady named Laurie who they called Grugra—a most unique grandma name invented by the little six-year-old boy. And Pippi Longstocking thought it was grand.
  17. The finale was winding down
    The tires on the van with the Oregon plates crunched up the drive.
  18. Three pairs of feet clicked down, round and round the spiral stairs
    With happy waves from the van, it backed from the driveway and on its way home.
  19. Laurie looked up
    The gingerbread treehouse above the garage was gone. The cookies were gone. The puzzles and games were gone ... Pippi was gone.
  20. Orange crayon in hand
    Laurie smiled, laughed out loud, turned, and went into the house.