I'm looking at all the great lists I haven't had time to read—running around with the grandkids is far more important! And now we're off on our camping adventure to the wilds of Eastern Oregon (and I do mean wild) for a few days to see the total solar eclipse.
  1. Our campground for the eclipse was reserved six months ago
  2. The viewing glasses were purchased at the same time
    If you want to make some quick cash, grab a case or two and head up to Southern Oregon ... they are all sold out.
  3. Then we decided not to go
    The crazy stories of gridlocked roads, no gasoline, no medical or police services for many miles because of people pulling off to the side of the road—or just stopping in the road—to watch the sun disappear.
  4. After going back and forth for days, we decided to go for a shorter time
    We called some gasoline stations along the remote route—they're stocked up with gas. We called the state park campsite—all is calm and the other campers are family friendly. (Have you heard of eco-sexuals? They like trees and the earth—a lot—and are really looking forward to loving it up with nature on the 21st.)
  5. So the grandkids are in bed, my daughter and son-in-law ran for last-minute supplies,
    and I'm here writing my list pals to say hey, and you won't hear from me for a few days ... no service where we're going.
  6. I am finally going to have my first s'more. 😀
  7. Static
  8. My daughter had this idea to get full coverage by enhancing our glasses with this homemade gladiator-like mask.
    It's nothing if not hilarious.
  9. Static
  10. Best photo from the eclipse
    Everything about it is perfect.
  11. My first s'more ever
    Organic grahams and traditional Hershey's and 'mallows. It was spectacular. Now I can finally ask for s'more s'mores!😊🍫