Requested by @andersun; inspired by this: 🎶 BABY STICK AROUND 🎶
  1. For the last twenty years, my go-to daily sandals are these cheap, sandals I buy on Kauai. Every time we go, I pick up a new pair to have on hand for when the current pair breaks apart, which isn't often. These are sturdy cheap sandals.
    And every time I think of my cheap sandals, I sing Joe Jackson's line, "somebody steppin' on my plastic sandals" in my head. I've since learned my plastic sandals are rubber; I'm pretending I don't know this.
  2. My plastic sandals' typical morning:
  3. Checking out the back yard
  4. Arabian jasmine is looking good!
  5. This is the life ...
  6. Extreme closeup
  7. Heading back inside
  8. A rare trip into the house
    Made extra trippy because I can see the photo of my sandals and my actual sandals at the same time.