Thanks, @AM, for this excellent request. Writing it was more emotional than I'd anticipated.
  1. Beverly Hills
    My ex grew up on Roxbury Drive (pictured). When I met him, his dad had moved to nearby Della Drive, which was where we would visit with our kids. He'd watch them swim in the pool and grill us hamburgers. There were big dinners at a huge round table where Nick told stories of old Hollywood (he knew everybody!). Often we'd meet at restaurants for lunch—Hamburger Hamlet on Sunset was a favorite. I got to know the famous town well from all our visits and enjoy it very much—mostly because of Nick.
  2. Bandon, Oregon
    A lovely little town on the southern Oregon Coast; it's well known among golfers. Pro tip: Play Bandon Crossings; it's spectacular. I ride along with my husband for the scenery. (I don't golf.) We go here so often the shop owners, restaurant staff, and innkeepers know us. They grow a lot of cranberries here, and their harvest festival in September is a blast—plan early; it's popular! There are beautiful beaches for agate hunting and a nearby lighthouse. You can even go crab fishing!
  3. Medford, Oregon
    We have a lot of family here—especially these two: my grandkids. I travel up there a lot. My daughter and son-in-law's house feels like home to me (I'm there often enough to warrant a bathroom drawer!). I know the town so well, and it's a super place to visit or live. There are wineries, pear orchards, In 'n Out AND Trader Joe's, and super restaurants. Ashland (Shakespeare Festival) and Jacksonville (Britt Music Festival) are super close. Crater Lake is nearby. Check out the Rogue River. ❤️
  4. Kauai: North Shore area
    For two weeks a year, I call Princeville home. I love Kauai and am very comfortable there. As with Bandon, Oregon, local people know us, which adds to me feeling right at home. The scenery is breathtaking, and my beloved waterfalls are everywhere. Our favorite restaurant is the Hanalei Dolphin (get the teriyaki-marinated ahi or the uku). Do not miss a trip to Hamura Saimin in Lihue—we go straight from the airport! There is a special beach—where something magic happens to me: complete peace. 🌊❤️
  5. Oahu: Kahala area
    First marriage: we lived there for about twenty days every year, so I would pretend I was a resident. But not in these digs—only reason we could afford to stay here was because my father-in-law owned an apartment in the building. It was FANCY! Lovely beach that you could walk for miles. I don't go there anymore, but I know I'd feel right at home if I did.
  6. Seattle
    My daughter's home. Each time I visit, I feel more and more comfortable. The views, the little restaurants and bars; book, record, and antiques stores everywhere; and they have a pinball museum where a flat rate gets you free play for as long as you like (I'm a shark!). What makes me feel most at home in Seattle, however, are my daughter and her friends. They are simply the most kind, fun, and welcoming individuals you'll ever meet. I could easily live in Seattle; there's all that water!
  7. Anaheim Stadium
    Often I felt like I DID live there. My ex worked for the Angels. His hours were often 9:00 am to midnight, so I went to almost every home game—along with one, then two, daughters—so we could spend time with him. And watch baseball! My daughters had many firsts here as they grew, and almost the entire place was their playground. They were chicks to the Famous Chicken on the field, and danced with Chip and Dale on an opening day. Amazing memories of our time here. And the stories I could tell!