Fellow copy editors and other fussy people will understand.
  1. Using the word everyday when it should be every day.
    Especially when I see it in ads where someone should know better. Everyday = ordinary; every day = each and every day.
  2. When I order a lilikoi daiquiri in Hawaii and the server corrects it to passionfruit, but when I order a passionfruit daiquiri, they correct it to lilikoi.
    I can't win.
  3. That I have to say "my specialty" instead of my "forte," because if I don't say it like forté, people think I'm pronouncing it wrong.
    And if I say it like for-tay, a person who knows it's wrong will think I'm an idiot.
  4. When I hear or read Cali instead of my beloved state's actual name.
    Just stop it, okay? And it's not Frisco or Vegas, either. No one is so busy they don't have time to say the entire name.