It's so little, I just picked it up and took it outside. I didn't think Milton the cat would go after it the second I set it down. Silly me.
  1. Let's check in on the action ...
    Milton is on deck immediately. He focuses his eagle eyes on an ornament.
  2. Static
    This southpaw is ready to take a swing as he prepares for action.
  3. Static
    He makes contact on the first swing. The spectator goes wild. The ornament is swinging but refuses to fall.
  4. Static
    Milt settles back into position and sizes up his target once again.
  5. Static
    He takes aim and knocks it right outta the tree!
  6. Only one ornament was harmed before I sent Milton to the showers, but it wasn't the red and white one he just smacked off the tree. That one didn't break.
    He took one more swipe at the tree and managed to wipe out a subtle, silver- and peach-colored vintage Polish glass ornament that was quickly becoming a favorite. I have no one to blame but myself.