Inspired by @andersun
  1. My name is Laurie Renée
  2. If I'd been a boy, I'd be Scott
  3. I suspect my eldest sister chose my middle name. She's twelve years older and studied French in school.
  4. I don't know where Laurie came from; can't believe I never asked. There were other Lori's my age, but no Laurie's.
    My name is not pronounced the same as Lori, but the only people who say it correctly are from the south. Mine is LAH-ree. The other is Lour-ee
  5. My eldest sister is Bonnie, middle sister is Holly, and me, Laurie.
    Holly once said if they'd named her Annie, we'd be like the song: Bonnie Annie Laurie. Of course, they had no plans for me, little surprise that I was.
  6. I've always liked my name. One benefit was there wasn't any way to make fun of it in elementary school. There also isn't an obvious nickname.
    Only two people ever called me Lor. And I was okay with them doing it but no one else.