Inspired by @kate81
  1. Oscar Mayer hard salami and ketchup on a hamburger bun
    Proper technique is to flatten the bun down so the sandwich is about a half-inch tall. Two slices of salami only.
  2. Hi-C Orange
    From a 64 oz. can, which maybe gave it a slightly metallic taste.
  3. Cream cheese with horseradish spread on party rye
    Fifth grade lunch every day for a year—like cocktail party food in a lunchbox.
  4. Celery sticks with peanut butter
    Or cream cheese
  5. My mom's meatloaf
    Almost more veg than meat; served with creamy mashed potatoes and frozen green beans or peas.
  6. Popcorn
    Sprinkled with Lawry's seasoning salt.
  7. Helm's Bakery glazed raspberry jelly doughnut
    Delivered to the house via the Helmsman's coach. Like an ice cream truck for baked goods.
  8. Van de Kamp's bakery birthday cake
    Grocery store baked goods section. Best cakes ever. Always two roses on top in either pink or yellow.
  9. Mixed orange juice and lemonade drink
    My mom's invention, I think. Super refreshing!
  10. Tiger's Milk
    Gag. I hated breakfast, so my mom would have me choke this down every morning. Along with about thirty vitamin and mineral pills (it was the days of megadoses for health). No wonder I always felt sick in school.