It's been a stress-filled week.
  1. I got new glasses
    I love them; they look happy—and make me feel like Harry Potter. The problem is, my vision problems are so complex, getting the lenses just right is very challenging (I can only use one brand of lenses; manufactured in France), and they never start off feeling right. I'm always fearful they will never be right.
  2. Milton the cat is sick.
    We thought he may have chewed on a mushroom in the backyard lawn—he only goes in our backyard with us, and the rest of it is cat-safe. We hadn't noticed the mushrooms until we saw them pulled out of the ground. A panicky visit to our vet determined Milt has a bacteria in his gut. All else is good, but we still have to watch him.
  3. A wedding we must attend is tomorrow
    A fair number of the guests hate each other. We're not crazy about a few of them, but it's cool. What gets to me is being in an environment chock full of bad vibes—and a small chance of ugly verbal exchanges.
  4. Silly problems, I know, but they are harshing my mellow off the charts. Breathe. Medicate. Breathe.