The competitive team of Overwatch known as Team Anubis, as well as their famed and renowned heroes of choice.
  1. Team Captain- Impatient End
  2. Team Co-Captain- Christopher Palmer
    Reaper, Zenyatta, and Mccree
  3. Team Co-Captain- Cassandra Tuck
    Pharah and Mercy
  4. Team Member- Tony Ellis
    Junkrat and Lucio
  5. Team Member- Jarid Siggers
  6. Team Member- Doctor ???
  7. Team Member- Justin Williams
  8. NOTICE: No member of the team is set in stone until the first game of Competitive play starts.
    New Members can be added, and old members can be reducted by the team captain and co-captain.
  9. Hanzo*= Not exactly finalized on his mains, but Hanzo is a definite.