Feel free to use any of these to make yourself feel more comfortable posting photos of your face online.
  1. " Here's my dumb face."
  2. <inspirational quotes about believing in yourself/fitness>
  3. "Ugh, I'm so awkward in pictures."
  4. "Bored."
  5. "Traffic is killing me."
  6. "___ years old and I still don't know how to smile without looking weird."
  7. "We clean up nice." (*and the other person in the photo is always completely cropped out)
  8. "New Tinder photo?" (And then something to indicate that you're super over Tinder)
  9. "🐱" (or any other animal emojis)
  10. "Date night!" (While holding a pet)
  11. "Date night!" (While holding bottle of wine)
    Suggested by @sally
  12. "Ps wow that's a really close shot of my face 😁😁😁"
    Used this very morning when I posted a pic of myself on what's almost entirely a food-focused feed (granted I *did* actually have food on my face, but still).
    Suggested by @lilydiamond
  13. "Oh! I took this picture by accident!"
    Suggested by @lspencer
  14. I'm putting on lipstick
    Suggested by @mallofamanda
  15. 'I woke up like this #nofilter #chillingwithnomakeupon #single'
    Suggested by @originalamericantrt
  16. So hungover!!!
    Suggested by @allisonemiller