Your parents have a lot of friends. They're always asking about you. They've always liked you.
  1. Jan and Steve from next door
    They always liked you! They saw one of your videos and said "not for me" but they're very proud of you.
  2. Bruce Abrams from Dad's office
    He's got a son about your age remember? Jeffrey? Oh sorry he goes by Jeff now. He got married last fall to um... a lovely girl, Caitlin I believe? Did you see that? I don't know if you're Facebook friends.
  3. Mark and Cathy Selway (their daughter Sarah is single...)
    Mark and Cathy! They met your folks after you moved away but they've seen photos and they think you're a nice looking boy. Their daughter lives in the city too. Single. A cardiologist. And cute! Just let them know if you want her information. No pressure!
  4. Dan Ericsson who used to live on East Street but moved to that row of condos by Mann's Hill
    Dan's the one who built that big shed! Remember? He says hi!
  5. Beth from Garden Club
    Beth saw the most recent photo of you your folks have hanging on the wall and she said you look "really good with a beard." Then she did this weird eyebrow thing. Kinda gave off a weird vibe. Things with Ron are probably bad. She seemed drunk. Anyway she says hi.