Thinking about asking out a vague acquaintance/internet stranger? Just curious about someone's status in a weird-ish/voyeuristic way? Don't know if they're single and don't want to just ask? Check out their Instagram for clues! Feel free to add to this one as I'm sure I'm omitting some!
  1. They haven't 'grammed their significant other in 11+ weeks.
    Not all couples 'gram each other frequently, but if someone goes nearly three months without so much as mentioning their sig. o in a COMMENT (the 'gram relationship bare minimum), chances are things are either over or the writing is on the wall.
  2. More frequent gramming (2+ a day)
    You know the old saying: more time alone = more time on phone.
  3. An abundance of highly flattering selfies where they look sullen/serious/sultry (The Three Single S's)
    "Who me? Just posing in front of a mural on a walk by myself with the light catching my good side just-so with a vague but pointed caption underneath. Nothing to see here but a strong independent attractive person trying to move on and also appear DTF, that's all..."
  4. More night grams.
    When you're dating someone, you're probably not going to post that picture of power lines at 1:38am or that storefront in a strip mall with a kind of funny sign. Because you're probably at home, fuckin'.
  5. They've posted screenshots of songs on Spotify/song lyrics.
    Just a deader-than-dead dead giveaway.
  6. Beautiful vacation/road trip/hike pics that are just scenery and feature captions about "clearing my head"/"getting away"
    "Just appreciating nature like you NEVER APPRECIATED ME, KAREN!! Anyway, here's a waterfall I saw."
  7. They get a dog and start posing with it nonstop.
    PRO: they're definitely single. CON: they'll leave a first date way early to go check on it.
  8. They 'gram a wedding and it's just pics of their best buds.
    If they didn't post a pic of themselves and their boo in the mirror of their chic overpriced hotel at a destination wedding either before the ceremony looking dope or after the reception looking red-faced and exhausted from dancing (*and probably about to bone from basking in the glow of other people's nuptials), they don't have a boo to speak of.
  9. They post a picture of their MacBook Pro showing the Netflix display that says "Are you still watching this?"
    Honestly what the hell are you waiting for??? Get in there!
  10. All previous posts including their significant other have since been deleted
    Suggested by @laur