1. Wake up inspired!
  2. Make a fresh pot of coffee.
  3. Fire up Final Draft on the ol MacBook Air.
  4. Check Twitter real quick.
  5. Write a tweet about the creative process.
  6. Jump over to Facebook to be inspired by my amazing friends.
  7. Name my blank Final Draft doc "Moving On" or "Playing the Game" or something relationshippy like that and save it.
  8. Hop on Instagram just to make sure my friends aren't doing anything cool without me.
  9. Write a scene heading on that doc! "INT. - HIP SILVERLAKE CAFE"
  10. Watch four movie trailers.
  11. Lunch! Go meet a friend at a Vietnamese place to pick their brain about my script. End up talking about current dating situations for 2 hours.
  12. Come home, watch half of the movie Beginners for inspiration.
  13. Name two new characters! Welcome to my world, Alice and Mark!
  14. Poll Twitter for music that's good to write to.
  15. Open Spotify and remember that a band I like just put out an album.
  16. Read the whole Wikipedia entry for that band.
  17. Take a picture of myself at my desk.
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  18. Instagram it and caption it "writer's block. At least my sweater game is on point :("
  19. Decide it's hacky to write about relationships. Change idea for pilot. Now it's an animated show where lizards talk.
  20. Check Instagram to see how the selfie is performing. 34 likes in an hour feels low, but they're quality users liking it.
  21. Read tumblr post about the Bechdel Test, make all characters female in the opening scene description. Now I'm one of the good white guys!
  22. Hit weed vape pen to fuel my creativity before diving in fully.
  23. Get way too high by accident. Select the "2014" tab on my own Facebook wall and scroll back two years. Watch my ex and I's relationship play out in reverse.
  24. Watch all of Stop Making Sense. Have a breakdown over the fact that it came out when David Byrne was my current age.
  25. Consider moving back to Massachusetts and working in my high school's drama department. Even just "for inspiration" but maybe for real? I could really change lives!
  26. Check Facebook again. Remember there's a party. Hit the party and talk about writing with some friends!
  27. Check Instagram. Selfies got 48 likes. Not bad...
  28. All in all a decent day of writing.