1. Reading the comments on any female celebrity's Instagram.
  2. Typing a racial slur into the Twitter search bar.
  3. Reading a funny Facebook or Twitter back and forth and seeing someone who's not really friends with the people on the thread comment and be ignored over and over.
  4. People you know paying each other back on Venmo for a thing you weren't invited to.
  5. Discovering that someone you know has a secret poetry tumblr/rap soundcloud/burlesque modeling portfolio/comedy vlog.
  6. A Facebook message from someone you haven't spoken to in 10+ years.
  7. Noticing as a very Instagram-centric couple delete 2 years of pictures off of their feeds.
    See also: a Facebook status going from "engaged" to "single."
  8. Meeting a cute person and discovering via their Twitter that they are not only not funny, but not aware that they are not funny.
  9. When someone doesn't know that Onion articles are satirical.
  10. The racist Facebook statuses of your relatives/high school acquaintances.