1. "Is that...?"
    Classic mom saying. She'll ask if the main character is the same actor who plays the guy from the show we watch. You know. The one with the lawyers. Not the crooked lawyers. The nice ones. With the pretty blonde girl your father likes.
  2. "I fell asleep. Is he a bad guy now?"
    Moms tend to doze off here and there and if you're watching a crime movie or a thriller, she might miss a plot twist or two. If a character (let's say a cop or someone with a family) starts brandishing a gun in act two and mom's been snoozing, you're probably going to have to hit pause and do some recapping.
  3. "Cover your eyes!!"
    If anyone in the movie is naked or seems like they might start having sex, moms love to dust off this old chestnut. Even if you're a grown adult who has known the touch of another, she'll be uncomfortable looking at bits, naughty or otherwise, with you in the room.
  4. "Well this is VERY silly."
    This will come up a lot during broad mainstream comedies. Sometimes it takes the place of laughter. It's a way for mom to let you know that hey, there's something goofy going on in this flick! Will Ferrell's got a mustache in this one? Well that's a first class ticket to silly town.
  5. "I'm going to get my scissors. You don't have to pause it."
    This means that mom's not on board for this one. She's going to get some scissors and start clipping coupons. She might look up from time to time but her heart's not in this particular viewing experience.