Well I watched it. I knew I was going to and I did. Here's what I learned:
  1. The carpet pattern in the lobby of this hotel looks enough like the carpet from the Overlook Hotel in the Shining to be noteworthy.
  2. This hotel has creepy identically dressed kids (like in the Shining).
  3. This hotel's got ghost junkies, baby!
  4. Heroin use is punishable by drill-do* rape at the hands of a faceless gimp. (*a dildo that's actually a sharp drill).
  5. The creators of this show think that the best way to convey sexual decadence is by showing Lady Gaga in bedazzled nips and a black thong.
  6. A Cinespia screening of Nosferatu at Hollywood Forever cemetery is only attended by about 40 extras.
  7. Those Shining ghost-twins invite a kid to play video games with them and might as well be saying "come play with us, Danny."
  8. Ryan Murphy wants you to know that he HAS in fact seen The Shining.
  9. This show, about a hotel in California where you can check out but can never leave, ends it's first episode by playing Hotel California by The Eagles in it's entirety.
  10. The Shining holds up!