Got a long trip ahead of you? Here are some things to dwell on.
  1. The scar on your hand from a childhood injury.
    You remember that day on the playground, right? The sky was a pale gray and Kurt Tischler challenged you to a game of tetherball in front of your crush, Jane Campbell. You knew he was better than you but you didn't want to seem chicken. You were getting killed by a million points and you fell kicking the ground out of frustration, cutting the palm of your right hand on a piece of green glass you assumed was from a 7-Up bottle. The stitches healed weird.
  2. The last thing you said to her.
    "I guess we'll see." Ugh. Why did you say that? That's such a weird thing to say. If only you'd given her that letter you wrote her. If only it was still in the trash can on the corner in front of the restaurant. But that was three years ago. And you said "I guess we'll see." And she just looked at you like she had something to say, but she never said anything to you again.
  3. The clamshell boxes that Disney movies used to come in.
    Oh man, kids today watch movies on iTunes. Or blu ray. It's kind of sad that they'll never pop open a clamshell VHS box so they can watch Homeward Bound, or Aladdin, or The Lion King! Oh weird, now that's making you think about whether or not you're going to have kids. Switch to that thought for a while.
  4. That summer you scooped ice cream at that resort.
    What a perfect job to have at 16! $8/hour, all the sundaes you could eat, and it was right next to the cafe where all the cooks liked you and gave you free food and called you Skip even though you never found out why. Your metabolism was unstoppable at that age. Holy shit could you pack it away. You lost your virginity in the shed where they kept the paddle boats and safety vests and stuff.
  5. This cloud that sort of looks like a dinosaur
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    Doesn't it? Aw man, we're all so small and insignificant. Don't you wish you could sit on a cloud without falling through? You really should have given her that letter.