2. "You’re WEIRD.”
  3. “What are you smoking?” and/or “I want some of what YOU’RE on.”
  4. <eye roll>
  5. “Yeah… not so much.”
  6. “Not sure what THAT was all about, but…”
  7. “Riiiiiiiiiight.”
  8. “Anywayyyyyyyyyyy…”
  9. “Um, random much?”
  10. “I never developed the social skills one needs to have a fun back and forth with someone, nor do I understand/know how to process humor, so consider this a defense mechanism kicking in. Sorry!”
  11. (Said to friend) "where did you FIND this guy?"
    Suggested by @john
  12. "Um, no one cares."
    Said to me at a party recently. I responded, "Hey! You don't know me. Be nice."
    Suggested by @fisackerly
  13. "Okay but the point I was trying to make..."
    Said to me on a date a few weeks ago when I mistook monologue hour for a two-way conversation
    Suggested by @juliapierpont
  14. "By the way, did you know ______ wants to go into comedy?"
    said without a smile by 70% of coworkers
    Suggested by @minirachel
  15. "Ba-dum-bump"
    When unfunny person uses this to imply your joke is cheap/old when they actually didn't get it/don't have anything.
    Suggested by @NancyMiller
  16. "Who ARE you???"
    Suggested by @Ders808
  17. "so...THAT just happened."
    Suggested by @daveholmes
  18. What the hell/fuck are you talking about?
    Suggested by @vickimarquette
  19. "I just threw up in my mouth a little."
    Suggested by @ricky