1. my dad once got me a dog's squeaky toy when I was really sick once
    it was meant to console me and I loved it a lot
  2. I sleep diagonally across my bed
    idk why i feel better doing this
  3. I use dish soap for bubble baths
    i cant afford the fancy bubbles
  4. I watch a lot of documentaries
    mostly murder and plane crash documentaries. Now I'm super paranoid :)
  5. Some kids wanted to stay up late at night but I was the kid that liked going to bed early.
    Probably has something to do with that was around the time in the day my mom started drinking and shes scary when under the influence and I wanted to avoid that. I also enjoyed laying in my dark room thinking to myself. This was also when Iphones were new and I had a flip phone so I had no internet entertainment in bed lmao.
  6. Back in my junior year of high school I went to a fancy school dance, and the rules for what you had to wear was pretty strict except for girls' shoes (because we HAD to wear a long enough dress to cover our feet so the shoes didn't matter to Them) and I took the initiative to wear my CROCS. That's right. Fancy dress, fancy necklace, and CROCS.
  7. I name my pumpkin every Halloween 🎃
  8. I secretly go to church without telling my parents
    sounds backwards, right?? well I don't think my parents would approve of a Unitarian Universalist church