Reasons I dislike the LGBT+ community and chose to cut my ties with it

  1. They are not "so accepting uwu" as they say they are. This one doesn't come as a shocker for many people.
  2. "we're so accepting" and then they proceed to turn around and attack people in their own community if they aren't any of the first four letters in the acronym.. My friend who is asexual and aromantic keeps getting hate and people tell her to kill herself- all because she wanted to be accepted somewhere. She isn't straight but because she isn't gay
    or trans, she doesn't belong in the """most accepting community"""
  3. ^^^ the LGBT+ community tryna hide how intolerant and toxic they actually are "there is no war in the LGBT community.."
  4. I'm still Agender, Asexual, and Biromantic even though I've left the community- I just openly hate what the LGBT society has become. I'm so disgusted with Them.
  5. "accepting community" MY ASS