None of these things are healthy haha.
  1. Sweet tea
    Truly southern. Except nowadays I prefer hot tea and sweeten it with honey.
  2. Fried okra
    Best dinner side hands-down.
  3. Peanut brittle
    Usually only a treat my siblings and I got on road trips.
  4. Root beer
    A summer camp classic. Always had it during free time with vanilla ice cream. Though one year the ice cream machine broke and they never bothered to get it fixed or replace it.
  5. Tres leches
    Still the best cake in my opinion. Only got it at my cousins' parties because my parents never liked it.
  6. French toast
    with bacon. Best breakfast ever.
  7. Adanski Stew
    This recipe was invented by my brother's boy scout troop and it had link sausage(cut), couscous, and mixed vegetables. That's all it was. It became a family classic.
  8. Scooby Doo fruit snacks
    The lunch item I saved for last.