Most Exciting Thing to Happen Today for a Gaming Loser

A dude at Capcom talks about a new Onimusha game. For anyone that doesn’t know this franchise, I'll explain:
  1. In 2001 Capcom released a game to fill that gaping market void of Samurai-vs-Demons. For a 13 year old me, this represented a mind-bending adventure of complex-inducing violence as i fought an army of easily dispatchable samurai zombies.
    Oh yea, there was a princess as well. Simply because the plotlines of Japanese games generally haven't advanced since the original Mario.
  2. The main guy also had a bunch of very typical, Japanese-looking powers. His most impressive definitely being that he was both engaging and aggressively undeveloped at the same time. This btw was a game where a new sword was considered major character development. (Having said that, the duel bladed one was sweet and made me feel like Darth Maul.)
    Fuck all of you, I was 13 and totally allowed to enjoy the prequels back then!
  3. Anyway these powers all combine to deal with monsters as strange as the Japanese imagination can stretch. If you are unfamiliar with how astonishing that feat is, I would like to remind you that this is the collective mind that previously brought us a monster with a giant eye where his ass should be. Your move humanity...
  4. If you stare into that eye long enough, you can see the surface of the sun and hear the deaths of everyone you ever loved.
  5. Now I may not have sold this game overly well, but it was totally awesome. If only because you could replay the entire game dressed in an adorable giant panda suit. I mean who hasn't dreamed of being a zombie-slaughtering samurai, dressed as a panda? (I honestly have no idea what the poll results to that question would look like. I can only hope..)
    If you have though, let me assure you: Capcom has this market down and i know the game just for you...seriously though, it was awesome.