An easy enough list, right? Well not so much as I had to really evaluate whether or not certain things I valued 1 - 5 years ago hold up still today.
  1. Having a purpose - that reason you get up in the morning. What is it again? Having a purpose to get out of bed ensures a life that holds something to live for.
  2. Having passion - having a strong emotion toward a purpose is what I associate with passion. Of course it projects mental nuances of romance, to me, it is that driving force, that hunger they keeps you coming back to what you want.
  3. Loving someone - learning about certain internal emotions and understanding how to share them with someone else is something I never even knew existed until I was 25.
  4. Allowing someone to love you - piggybacking off of loving someone, you'll probably never truly love someone until you allow them to.
  5. Following dreams - no matter what people say. No matter how many times you second guess yourself.
  6. Don't be afraid of fear - we are only able to understand what bravery is in the face of fear. Face a fear and discover whether or not you bravely overcome it or cower in the corner.
  7. Be appreciative - appreciate all that you have and that which you don't.
  8. Grow your compassion - gain perspective on others and cultures you may not learn about otherwise on reality tv. Take in knowledge and accept everyone for who they are and either deal with it or move on.