These are some really good songs that people should know about. This has been in my drafts for awhile because it was actually hard to describe what all of these sound like. Check them out anyway, description aside.
  1. Jesus Freak- DC Talk
    Sounds like: Beastie Boys with singing
  2. Maybe It's Maybeline- Relient K
    Sounds like: Blink-182
  3. Joy- Newsboys
    Sounds like: the year 2000
  4. Alive Again- Matt Maher
    Sounds like: Semisonic
  5. You Are Good- Travis Cottrell
    Sounds like: KC & the Sunshine Band with gospel choir
  6. Ocean Floor- Audio Adrenaline
    Sounds like: Oasis
  7. Flood- Jars of Clay
    Sounds like: Third Eye Blind-ish
  8. Live Like That- Sidewalk Prophet
    Sounds like: Rock with a country-ish singer (like not THAT country)
  9. Undo- Rush of Fools
    Sounds like: Oasis-y
  10. Healing Begins- Tenth Avenue North
    Sounds like: Snow Patrol-ish