Inspired by @dena
  1. January
    We went to the city and my Dad, my brother(@isgeorgerobson) and I took band photos for a band we don't have.
  2. February
    I got my first suit and felt awesome.
  3. March
    In that same suit, right before I chopped my hair off and shaved.
  4. April
    My brother and I explored a town we had never been to.
  5. May
    At the emergency room while having to get stitches in my elbow after riding my longboard down a steep hill (I made it to the bottom before I jumped off). It was worth it. *I was not wearing a helmet, pads, or shoes... I was lucky.
  6. June
    Recording a bass track for my friend in a professional NYC studio.
  7. July
    I got to see Foo Fighters in concert, and it was the best concert I've ever been to.
  8. August
    Coming home from my last day of work (for one of my jobs). This displays the amount of energy I have at the end of the work day, but also my emotions on the job being over.
  9. September
    The day before I went back to school/my thoughts on the fact that it was my last day of freedom.
  10. October
    My brother got tickets to see NYCFC play the New England Revolution (My two favorite Major League Soccer teams) for my birthday.
  11. November
    Jumping in the Atlantic on Thanksgiving (a tradition which is usually cold, but was really warm this year).
  12. December
    I was in a Christmas play with a lot of old friends who I hadn't seen in awhile, and I was also able to make a lot of new friends.