Inspired by @dena
  1. January
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    We went to the city and my Dad, my brother(@isgeorgerobson) and I took band photos for a band we don't have.
  2. February
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    I got my first suit and felt awesome.
  3. March
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    In that same suit, right before I chopped my hair off and shaved.
  4. April
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    My brother and I explored a town we had never been to.
  5. May
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    At the emergency room while having to get stitches in my elbow after riding my longboard down a steep hill (I made it to the bottom before I jumped off). It was worth it. *I was not wearing a helmet, pads, or shoes... I was lucky.
  6. June
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    Recording a bass track for my friend in a professional NYC studio.
  7. July
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    I got to see Foo Fighters in concert, and it was the best concert I've ever been to.
  8. August
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    Coming home from my last day of work (for one of my jobs). This displays the amount of energy I have at the end of the work day, but also my emotions on the job being over.
  9. September
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    The day before I went back to school/my thoughts on the fact that it was my last day of freedom.
  10. October
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    My brother got tickets to see NYCFC play the New England Revolution (My two favorite Major League Soccer teams) for my birthday.
  11. November
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    Jumping in the Atlantic on Thanksgiving (a tradition which is usually cold, but was really warm this year).
  12. December
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    I was in a Christmas play with a lot of old friends who I hadn't seen in awhile, and I was also able to make a lot of new friends.