Not the same order as "FIREFLY CHARACTERS, RANKED BY HOW ATTRACTED I AM TO THEM" list, but that's another list for another time...
  1. Book
    So his backstory is amazingly compelling, but we never actually find out what it is. Because of that, his character isn't that great. With the addition of his story, he prob moves up in the order.
  2. Badger
    His accent's cool
  3. Zoe
    A little one note for me, and I'm 100% on Wash's side with the whole "loyalty to Mal" argument.
  4. Kaylee
    I feel like she takes everything a little too personally.
  5. Simon
    I like his odd relationship with Kaylee. Also, he was Zac Efron when he was younger so...
  6. Inara
    Interesting back and forth with Mal, but that's about it.
  7. Saffron
    Complex and just a little bit cooler than Inara.
  8. Two by Two Hands of Blue
    Actually terrifying.
  9. Niska
    Probably the greatest bad guy of the series.
  10. Jayne
    Humorous in his idiocy
  11. River
    I love her quirkiness and humor. Her supernatural powers are pretty awesome.
  12. Mal
    There are so many layers to Mal, and so much room for development. A really complex character.
  13. Wash
    Great husband, great pilot, and makes me warm on the inside.