These are some bands, albums, and songs I enjoy listening to from time to time. Thought I would share the wealth. Feel free to make a list of your own personal favorite hidden gems.
  1. Cake: specifically the album Comfort Eagle
    This is what inspired this list. None of my friends at college had heard of Cake.
  2. Nada Surf
    Anything is good, but start with "Jules and Jim"
  3. Travis: album "Where You Stand"
  4. Mike Doughty: the album Haughty Melodic
  5. Stereophonics
    Anything is good. But start with "Have a Nice Day" "Dakota" and "Indian Summer"
  6. Martin Courtney: song "Northern Highway"
  7. Fastball: song "You're an Ocean"
  8. The Damnwells: song "Lost"