Inspired by @lesleyann (who was inspired by @bjnovak)
  1. Flip Phone (no camera)
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    I was in third grade. It was my first year of public school (I was homeschooled before that). Literally was nothing but a phone (no texting or anything). I don't think I ever used it.
  2. Flip Phone (with camera)
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    Fifth grade. I had a camera and was able to text! Revolutionary.
  3. Alias
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    All of middle school. It flipped TWO WAYS! Not one, not three... TWO. I recorded so many songs as my personal ringtones on this phone that it should go into a museum about me.
  4. Chocolate Touch
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    My first attempt at a touch screen phone Freshman Year of High School. It lasted about two weeks before I broke it.
  5. Flip Phone (with camera)
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    After breaking my phone I went back to an old flip phone that used to be my Dad's.
  6. Alias (again)
    I realized that the Alias was still a part of me (and I missed my rockin ringtones). So I went back for the rest of Freshmen Year and part of Sophomore Year.
  7. iPhone 4
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    My first iPhone. Never cracked it. Always reliable. I had an awesome Gameboy Color cover on it (pictured). I had this for the rest of high school.
  8. iPhone 5s
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    Once I graduated/the price came down/ my old phone was WAY too slow. This is currently what I have.
  9. I won't change until my phone starts acting stupid.
  10. The end.
  11. (I kinda miss my rockin ringtones on that Alias now)