I feel like I did this already back when it was a title wave, but I can't find it. Either way my tastes have changed since then. Inspired by @sarahmccoy
  1. 1996: That Thing You Do!
    Honorable Mentions: Jingle All the Way, Space Jam
  2. 1997: Good Will Hunting
    Honorable Mentions: Jungle 2 Jungle, Conspiracy Theory, Gattaca, Liar Liar
  3. 1998: The Prince of Egypt
    Honorable Mentions: The Truman Show, A Bug's Life, Can't Hardly Wait
  4. 1999: The Matrix
    Honorable Mentions: Tarzan, SW Ep 1, Toy Story 2, Stuart Little
  5. 2000: Remember the Titans
    Honorable Mentions: Cast Away, Memento, American Psycho, Family Man
  6. 2001 (my favorite year in film): Ocean's Eleven
    Honorable Mentions: Fellowship of the Ring, HP and the Sorcerer's Stone, Monsters Inc., Shrek, Amelie, the Fast and the Furious, and so many more...
  7. 2002: Bourne Identity
    Honorable Mentions: Catch Me if You Can, Spider-Man, Two Towers
  8. 2003: Pirates of the Carribean
    Honorable Mentions: Elf, Cheaper by the Dozen, School of Rock
  9. 2004: National Treasure
    Honorable Mentions: The Village, Anchorman
  10. 2005: 40 Year Old Virgin
    Honorable Mentions: Serenity, Chicken Little, Sky High
  11. 2006: Mission Impossible III
    Honorable Mention: The Departed
  12. 2007: Ocean's Thirteen
    Honorable Mentions: Juno, Ratatouille, Bourne Ultimatum
  13. 2008: The Dark Knight
    Honorable Mentions: Iron Man, Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  14. 2009: Adventureland
    Honorable Mentions: Star Trek, 500 Days of Summer, Fantastic Mr. Fox
  15. 2010: The Social Network
    Honorable Mentions: The Other Guys, Tangled
  16. 2011: Super 8
    Honorable Mentions: Soul Surfer, Captain America
  17. 2012: Moonrise Kingdom
    Honorable Mentions: Argo, The Avengers
  18. 2013: Star Trek Into Darkness
    Honorable Mention: Monsters University
  19. 2014: Godzilla
    Honorable Mention: Guardians of the Galaxy
  20. 2015: SW The Force Awakens
    Honorable Mentions: The Big Short, Avengers Age of Ultron
  21. 2016: Manchester By The Sea
    Honorable Mentions: Zootopia, Captain America Civil War