A very hard request to complete, but thank you @nathanveshecco. I chose songs that I have listened to multiple times on repeat during certain situations as an "anthem" of sorts...
  1. All That I Have ~ Snow Patrol
    For that period of time where I only had 1 person I could trust... I've had 3 of those periods of time.
  2. Dakota ~ Stereophonics
    "You made me feel like the one... I don't know where we are going now."
  3. Walk ~ Foo Fighters
    This song meant so much to me the first day I wasn't in love with the girl I had been in love with for years.
  4. All In My Head ~ Shawn Mullins
    "I'm just trying to get by Is it all in my head? Is it all in my head? Could everything be alright Without me knowing? Is it all just some game Where everything stays the same? Is it all in my head?" SO MANY INTERNAL QUESTIONS!
  5. Honey and the Moon ~ Joseph Arthur
    "I wish that I could follow through I know that your love is true and deep as the sea but right now everything you want is wrong, and right now all your dreams are waking up, and right now I wish I could follow you..." Freshman year of college was tough. I wasn't where I wanted to be and I was questioning why I was there at all.
  6. Therapy ~ Relient K
    Pretty self explanatory... Sometimes the people you need aren't there for you.
  7. What's My Age Again? ~ Blink 182
    Being super young for my grade and having friends of all ages, sometimes I have no idea where I belong.
  8. I'm Looking Through You ~ the Beatles
    For those times when that person in your life has changed... Or maybe I was the one that changed.
  9. Son of Man ~ Phil Collins (Tarzan)
    Growing up is hard. And for most of my life I've struggled with this. I was very mature at a young age, and then wanted to be immature before it was too late when I was older (if that makes any sense.) I tried to get what I was missing.
  10. Be Yourself ~ Audioslave
    Because it really is all you can do... And though I have my own problems that I constantly work on, I can only accept it and be happy with who I am.