I don't always want McDonald's, but when I do, I do. Inspired by everyone else's lists including @shanaz and @jessacosta
  1. Fries
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  2. Cheeseburger
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    So good when in the mood
  3. Chicken Selects
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    I actually love these
  4. Bacon Egg and Cheese on a Biscuit
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    I love the taste of fake bacon and fake egg in the morning
  5. More Fries
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    No shame
  6. Chocolate Shake
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    No whipped cream or cherry for me
  7. McFlurry
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    M&M all the way
  8. Big Mac
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    I don't get it often, but it's always good when I want it
  9. More Fries
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  10. Orange Hi-c
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    Reminds me of my childhood